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After you contact us, we typically set up an initial meeting at your location to introduce ourselves to each other and hear about your project needs.  There is no charge for this first meeting, unless our first meeting is to perform architectural services such as a structural consultation or field measure of your space.  We recognize that each and every project is unique, and whether you are a returning client or a new client, we think it's important to meet in face-to-face and listen to your goals.  We gather a few details in order to proceed to the next step: proposal

Once we have a mutual understanding of your project goals, we will assemble a design proposal that takes into account the time and fees we estimate will be required to complete your project.  This "Architectural Services Agreement" is a proposal that is tailored to your needs, so whether you're in need of a square footage assessment, a structural consultation, or a full set of construction documents for permit - your proposal will include our fees for each phase of the project.  Once you review and sign the proposed agreement, we proceed to the next step: documentation

Regardless of the type of project, we always begin by gathering information.  This involves a varying collection of tasks such as: performing a zoning analysis for your site, consulting local building officials regarding building code questions, field-measuring and photographing your existing home or commercial building, and establishing what (if any) additional professional services are needed.  We do our homework so that we can propose a solution that is not only aesthetically-pleasing but also viable and practical.  Now we're ready to proceed to the next step: preliminary design

Once we've collected all the data and photos, we're ready to complete Phase I and develop a set of preliminary design drawings.  We utilize several different types of sophisticated CAD (computer-aided drafting) software and modeling tools to generate precise drawings and study models.   It's crucial that the designs we propose account for both the conditions of the site and/or structure as well as all applicable state, local and federal building codes.  Once you've reviewed and approved the preliminary design, it's time to proceed to the next step: final design & documentation

Once the preliminary design has been developed and approved by our clients, we move into Phase II.  If you're undertaking a building project such as new construction or an addition/renovation, we begin transitioning the preliminary design drawings into final construction documents that your contractor can use to prepare bids and/or apply for the building permit.  If your project is of an exploratory nature or a structural evaluation, you may not reach this phase.  But sometimes a project requires a few "extras" that weren't in the original scope, so we also offer: additional services

We understand that each and every project is as unique as each and every one of our clients.  We want to cultivate a partnership with you to achieve your project goals, big or small, so in addition to our architectural design/documentation services, we offer a wide variety of additional services to meet those needs.  From assessing whether that crack in your basement wall needs more than a DIY patch, to the complex permitting process involved with opening a new restaurant, to visualizing your dream Kitchen or Master Bath - our team of talented professionals can help.

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